Work with me one-on-one to craft a unique, intentional journey through diverse cultures and landscapes. I offer a no-nonsense approach to coaching that is designed to catalyze your personal development, clarify your life path, and send you on the adventure of a lifetime.


The benefits of travel are vast. The ways in which you will grow and change are entirely dependent on you. That being said, these are some of the core outcomes you can expect from working with me, and what you will come away with. We will work together to help you:

  • Live your Myth, discover your Genius, and unlock your Hidden Potential
  • Cultivate your Personal Power and Independence
  • Learn to optimize your Budget, and discover new avenues of Exchange
  • Get tips on how to travel Safely, cultivate Awareness, and be Prepared
  • Learn how to tap into your Intuition and embrace Synchronicity 
  • Grow your Network of Life-long Friends and Contacts
  • Become a source of Change and Inspiration
  • Integrate your experiences so that they enrich your life, family, and community 

This journey is uniquely yours, but we’ll collaborate to create an intentional itinerary that could include:

  • Pilgrimage to Sacred Sites
  • Ancestral Connection & Healing 
  • Cultural Immersion
  • Language Study
  • Volunteering & Service 
  • Festivals
  • Staying at Eco Villages/Intentional Communities
  • Shamanic Ceremonies
  • …and plenty of Mystery

Combining mythology, music, psychology, history, anthropology, and your unique process and vision, I will personally develop your trip’s itinerary, and work with you to process underlying emotions that often hold the keys to us discovering our unique path.

I offer two levels of Transformational Travel Coaching:

Level 1:

  • Free initial consultation
  • 1-3 hour in-depth visioning session, where we will generate a personalized map/blueprint of your journey, providing you with:
    • Foundational intentions
    • Goals
    • Reading List & Playlist
    • Journey Framework & Basic Itinerary
    • Health/Safety Concerns

Level 2:

  • Everything in Level 1
  • Access to my personal network of contacts, friends, and organizations that spans over 20 countries
  • Monthly check in’s where you will recieve:
    • Emotional support
    • Cultural Do’s and Dont’s
    • Itinerary Help
    • Inspiration and Love!
  • Support in choosing travel gear and packing
  • Integration plan

Ready to hit the road? Email me at and let’s talk!

You can’t put a price on Empowerment.